Peak Planning Year-Round Opportunities

Peak Planning: Leverage the Now for Later

Do you have strategies in place in order to track, record and evaluate the lessons learned now, rather than trying to remember what the crux of the problem was at the end of the year? Each peak season holds a treasure trove of information that will help optimize your supply chain and improve logistics management. 

In this webinar:

• Peak readiness: Retailers should currently be in this phase and what that means
• Monitoring and support: It’s happening, now what?
• Post-Peak Season Assessment: Determining your successes and opportunities
• Strategic planning (2019): What to do with successes and opportunities
• Execution: 80%-20% approach and relying on strategic partners
• Validation: 20%-80% approach and testing phase

Manhattan and ProShip Peak Season Planning Webinar


  • Justin Cramer, Global Project Management Director and Co-Founder
    ProShip, Inc.
  • Scott Skoff, VP of Customer Support 
    Manhattan Associates

Did you know?
Post-peak follow up meetings should be scheduled prior to the start of the current peak season and should be held in January.


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