Shipping for the Holidays and other Busy Times


Uncover how retail professionals can solve pain points associated with peak season e-commerce.

Almost 60% of retailers struggle with holiday shipping with close to 50% of shoppers abandoning their carts and buying from a competitor with better shipping options.

In this guide, discover the common challenges that retailers and online shoppers face during peak season, how shipping-related friction impacts performance, and what you can do to remove the barriers to purchase in a scalable way. 

Peak Season Retailing eBook

How to Win Peak Season Retailing features 2017 survey data from 5000+ online shoppers and 1000+ retailers across United States, United Kingdom, France, and Australia. 

In this ebook:

  • Identifying pain points
  • How to navigate free shipping
  • Positive impact of great shipping experiences
  • Complementary resources for the holidays
  • More!

Did you know?
Roughly two-thirds of consumers surveyed say that they should get free shipping, even for orders placed after December 17th, and still get delivery by Christmas.


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