New Shipping Rates Explained: What's new, where you save & how to prepare

Learn how to navigate sudden rate changes, avoid expensive surcharges and lower shipping costs.

The new rates and surcharges from the three major carriers, USPS, UPS and FedEx, can directly affect your bottom line.

Join ProShip's Justin Cramer, Global Project Management Director and Co-Founder, and Patrick Mango, Neopost USA's Manager of Postal Relations, to uncover the most important 2019 carrier rate changes, how to navigate them and learn the steps needed to take to control shipping costs.

2019 Parcel Rate Change WebinarIn this webinar:

  • Avoiding surcharges and outdated rates 
  • Ensuring correct rates
  • Managing DIM weight
  • Going multi-carrier
  • Lowering shipping costs

Did you know?
An average rate increase of 4.9% doesn't necessarily mean 4.9%.


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