Automatically build the smallest parcel & efficiently deliver it every time.

The Future of Order Fulfillment: ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software & CVP Automated Packaging

Utilized together or separately, our revolutionary technologies integrate seamlessly within the order fulfillment process and give retailers the power to overcome key labor, shipping and material cost challenges, while providing an accelerated return on investment and improved customer experience.

The competitive advantage:

  • ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping SoftwareWe don't rely on third-party or carrier systems to support our product. We do the development, engine creation, integration, engineering, deployments and direct support in-house. This is what makes us fast, compliant and customizable.
  • CVP Automated Packaging Solution: Save an average of 88% in labor costs and eliminate 8 to 16 packing stations while building a perfect fit-to-size box for every order.
  • Watch Them Together: Save $1-$2 per package shipped.
ProShip/CVP Integration Brochure

Did you know?
Over 14.5 million fit-to-size boxes have been produced by the CVP Automated Packaging Solution in 8 different countries.


We're beyond the box.  Your business should be too.
ProShip, Inc., is a global provider of logistics software and product solutions, including enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software, automated packing solutions and intelligent parcel lockers. ProShip’s reputation for quality is backed by decades of IT and supply chain expertise.

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