Build the Best Box with Efficient, Eco-Conscious Auto-Boxing Technology

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution: Proven to Strengthen Your Fulfillment Strategy

Internet Fusion Group (IFG), a UK-based fast-growing online retailer, was struggling to manually pack high volumes of corrugate boxes to keep up with incoming orders. The process required multiple packing stations with numerous staff and a wide range of box sizes to choose from. However, like most packing operations, the match was often far from exact and void fill was usually needed to secure the goods.

Pursuing its quest for a cost-saving reliable green solution, IFG invested in the CVP Automated Packaging Solution, an in-line auto-boxer that measures, constructs, tapes, weighs and labels each order every seven seconds with one operator.

Their fit-to-size competitive advantage:

  • Over 39,000 ft3 of corrugate saved annually
  • Reduction of 92 truck loads a year due to a decrease in dimensional shipping volume
  • No void fill required for 80% of their product range
  • Savings of 88% in labor costs by eliminating 8-16 packaging stations
ProShip/CVP Integration Brochure


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