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DAY 1  |  Wednesday, June 24th

11am-12pm CST

Living Dangerously:
Demystifying Hazmat Shipping

Procurement, classification, and compliant shipping are important activities in the immense world of dangerous goods (DG) shipping. They are easy to understand separately, but harder to grasp holistically. In this session, we explore the roadmap of a DG shipping process and debunk today's most common misconceptions about hazmat shipping.

Featured Experts:
Mario Sagastume, Vice President Software and Customer Success at Labelmaster
Clint Boaz, Senior Sales Engineer at ProShip, Inc.


2pm-3pm CST

The Ever-Evolving 3PL:
Delivering Frustration-Free Fulfillment for E-Commerce Customers

E-commerce continues to surge, and retailers are looking for external help in fulfilling their parcel orders. In an effort to keep up, 3PL companies are forced to revamp strategies and utilize advanced technology to deliver products to consumers faster-than-ever before, without compromising quality or accuracy. In this session, we'll discuss the industry's toughest questions and explore how Quiet Logistics shifted their fulfillment strategy in order to meet their customers' specific needs for customized solutions that maximize results and delight the end-customer.

Featured Experts:
Jonathan Briggs, Director of National Accounts, Partnerships and Ecosystems at Quiet Logistics
Tony Verrill, Shipping Executive at ProShip, Inc.
Bill Schroeder, Director of Strategic Alliances at ProShip, Inc.

DAY 2  |  Thursday, June 25th

11am-12pm CST

Deliver the Epic Finish:
Optimizing Parcel Shipping to Create Memorable DTC Experiences

JD Sports/Finish Line is one of the largest retailers of premium athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories in the world and is known for having a customer-first approach. To enable a more consistent and cost-effective direct-to-consumer delivery experience, JDS/Finish Line implemented the ProShip suite of applications throughout its omnichannel fulfillment network. In this session, JDS/Finish Line will share its customer delivery journey from business case development to benefits realization and showcase the importance of focusing on your customer needs to remain competitive in an e-commerce world.

Featured Experts:
Scott Davis, Director of Supply Chain Systems, Maintenance and Process Excellence at Finish Line
Josh Mayer, Managing Partner at Summit Advisory Team
Paul Wade, Director at Manhattan Associates
Justin Cramer, Director of Sales Engineering at ProShip, Inc.


2pm-3pm CST

A Tale of Two Retailers:
Navigating Different Paths to Delivery Speed

To borrow liberally from "Apollo 13," optimizing shipping "is not an option" for today's e-tailers. That's because it significantly impacts the customer experience, repeat purchases, brand loyalty and profitability. But getting there in an efficient, cost-effective way - well, that's another story. Which is where this expert panel comes in. You'll hear how top e-commerce companies are reaching an elevated level of distribution efficiency, implementing new options like same-day delivery and optimizing the supply chain to build stronger revenue streams and drive profitibility.

Featured Experts:
Bill Carson, VP of Technology at RUE Gilt Groupe
Bill Quinn, Senior Vice President of Digital E-Commerce, Hibbett Sports
Justin Cramer, Director of Sales Engineering at ProShip, Inc.


We went live in all 3 Manhattan DCs close to peak with minimal issues. This gave us the confidence to utilize ProShip in other areas of the business. We are happy to tell that story.”

Kevin Norsen, Director Logistics Strategy and Systems
Ulta Beauty

The addition of ProShip will provide us a more robust solution offering elevated levels of distribution efficiency, carrier integrations and quality support - helping us exceed customer expectations." 

Ryan Ostrom, Chief Brand Officer

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