The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Weight Shipping

What is DIM weight, how is it calculated, and it's impact on today's shipping environment.

DIM is solidly established in the current shipping equation. The DIM requirements may seem confusing at first, but it does present opportunities to save money. You'll learn about the many DIM weight formulas and divisors that carriers dictate, environmental impacts of DIM, the formula for cost savings, and much more.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What is DIM?
  • What is the calculation formula for DIM price?
  • Why have shipping carriers embraced DIM?
  • What is DIM's effect on shipping customers?
  • Tips on changing packaging and operations procedures to tackle DIM

Did you know?
48% of shipping customers polled feel packaging reflects the value of the shipment: the better the packaging, the better the product inside.


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